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The American Scott Hansen, better known as Tycho combines music & art. Tycho started as a graphic designer. In the graphic & art scene he uses the pseudonym Iso50. On his live shows you can dive into his world trough warm visuals and a brilliant live band. I asked Tycho a few questions about this and that.

What is your favorite tune at the moment?
Colony Glen from Gardens & Villa (currently he is touring with them)

Which album has influenced you the most?
Boards of Canada – BoC Maxima (I got it on tape from a friend)

What kind of music do you listen while you’re designing?
Lately I often listen the new album “Dunes” from Gardens & Villa. And i was listening to “Amok” from Atoms For Peace when I designed the album cover of “Awake”. I often just pick one song and listen it for 100 times.

Do you love or hate streaming services like Spotify?
I never used it but everybody seems to have an opinion about it. I don’t know how much we get paid on it. I heard it’s not much but the record label sad its not that bad. I think it’s good for us, it gives us exposure and as an artist in 2014 you have to accept the fact, that at the moment music is almost free.

Do you buy records (vinyl)?
No. I get the music from iTunes or I buy FLAC Files.

If you had to choose: music or design?
4 years ago I stopped with freelance designing and focused me on Tycho. So I have chosen music. Music is so more dynamic and has more emotions in it. But I also love to design and with Tycho I connect both worlds.

What’s your dream-collaboration (You and ….?)
Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon lead singer)

How do you find inspiration?
It’s not that I see that thing or that I have a song in mind. It’s more about channeling emotions which are the subtotale of expercience and inspirations.

What is your favorit music blog?
Stereogum and Gorilla vs Bear

What was the first record (childhood) you bought?
The first I bought was a 45 (single) from R.E.M. and the first record I got from my dad was Strange Days from The Doors. When my dad switched to tapes in the 80ies he gave me all his records and 8 Tracks.

Which instruments do you play? Which is your personal favorite?
Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and Drums.
My favorite is keyboard for producing and the guitar for writing songs.
I started with music around 21 (with a sampler) and I did learn to play guitar with 26.

What is your personal meaning of life?
I found my fulfillment in my work: producing music and designing artworks. Artistic expression. It’s not about the finished product it’s about the process. I like learning. I am happy when a new song or a record is done but in general I just enjoy work.

What is your favorite drink?
Kratom tea and Orange Juice

Recommendation: Check Tycho’s Online-Shop with his beautiful art and other cool stuff.

Listen to his newest album “Awake”:

Interview @ m4music, Zurich / Photocredit to Chad Kamenshine (The Artistree)

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