First Boiler Room Set

Historical! Check out the first Boiler Room video. The honor to kick out the first set had SBTRKT! Boiler Room, i’m in love with you.

(Got it from Boiler Rooms Archive, ordered by date)
Update: there are older videos, but Boiler Room lists this video on first position..



L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)

Breach – Fatherless

Ramadanman – Work Them – Swamp 81

Eddie Gale – Song Of Will

Magnetic Man – Flying Into Tokyo

Seiji – The King

Mr De – Whonleeone

MJ Cole & Wley – From The Drop

Rustie – Hyperthrust

Kidkut – I Love

Two As One – Too Blind

Tina Moore – Never Let It Go

Menta – Sound Of Da Future

Girl Unit – Irl

Jessie Ware/ SBTRKT- Nervous

SBTRKT- Look At Stars (Machinedrum Remix)

By the way:

In March 2010, Boiler Room’s founder, Blaise Bellville, invited Thristian Richards and the founder of NTS Radio, Femi Adeyemi, to record a mixtape for his online magazine, Platform. After moving some speakers and decks into the disused 1930s boiler room of Platform’s offices, the first Boiler Room session was recorded using a webcam duct taped to the wall. The session was broadcast live online on a newly created, free Ustream channel. (Wikipedia)

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